Circular Glasgow, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

Circular Glasgow is an initiative of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. It is a movement to inspire businesses of all sizes to innovate and become future-proof by adopting circular strategies. Connecting companies across the city, Circular Glasgow helps them to open up new revenue streams, increase competitive advantage and realise financial savings using a range of practical initiatives. Circular Glasgow is funded by Zero Waste Scotland and the European Regional Development Fund.

Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS), Scottish Enterprise

The Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service provides companies of all sizes throughout Scotland with expert advice, one-to-one support. training and events. SMAS aims to increase the overall competitiveness of the Scottish manufacturing base by encouraging companies to start and continue on a path to continuous improvement.

Scottish Enterprise Sustainability Specialists work with companies of all sizes across all sectors to help them do things better, more efficiently and with a reduced impact on the environment. The team provides advice and support on efficiency, environmental management and developing processes and business models aligned to the Circular Economy.

Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC)

IBioIC is a specialist in the Industrial Biotechnology (IB) sector, designed to stimulate the growth of the IB sector in Scotland to £900 million by 2025. The Centre is a connector between industry, academia and government, investing in and facilitating access to expertise, equipment and education to grow the industry into a powerhouse of Scotland’s economy.

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC)

CSIC supports Scotland’s construction related businesses to innovate, collaborate and grow by matching innovation requirements with business support and academic specialists. Focusing on innovation support around Business models, Products, Processes and Service models, CSIC offers advice, funding, facilitation and access to cutting edge equipment and expertise, improving Scotland’s global competitiveness and delivering social, environmental and economic impact. CSIC facilitates collaboration with Scottish businesses, academia (through 13 partner universities) and public sector organisations, enabling projects to benefit from Scotland’s world-renowned skills and expertise in areas such as BIM, Advanced Materials, Automation and Robotics, Low Carbon Solutions, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Smart Cities.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Every day, SEPA works to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment, helping communities and businesses thrive within the resources of our planet.  As Scotland’s principal environmental regulator, SEPA’s role is to ensure that the environment and human health are protected and improved, in ways that contribute to sustainable economic growth.

SEPA’s Waste to Resources Framework, published in October 2016, set the guiding principles and direction for waste and resource management that will help to shape Scotland’s circular economy and deliver the vision of One Planet Prosperity.

Scotland Food & Drink

Scotland Food & Drink is the industry leadership organisation tasked with driving responsible growth for the sector and building Scotland’s global reputation as a Land of Food and Drink. We are also a membership organisation with over 400 companies at our heart. We lead on the industry strategy, Ambition 2030, which aims to double the value of the country's farming, fishing, food and drink industry to £30 billion by 2030.


Revolve, Scotland’s national re-use quality standard, aims to increase re-use by improving professionalism, customer experience and visibility of re-use organisations. Revolve certification gives shoppers confidence that the second-hand goods they buy are good quality and from a reputable retailer. Revolve is a programme of Zero Waste Scotland.

Zero Waste Scotland
Circular Glasgow